Photo Sourced: Design Love Fest

Photo Sourced: Design Love Fest


It all started at... 

 a small aerial studio in Gig Harbor Washington. A group of women were discussing their own issues with dieting, self esteem and "fitness problems" in a room of laughter, draped in silks and ropes while unironic mirrors lined the walls to the top of 20 foot ceilings. Through the chants of encouragement, physical grunts, awkward bodily noises and 1990's hip hop musicaility, you would feel not only encouraged and inspired, but at home. There really is no place quite like that studio. Not even other aerial studios to be honest. While each circus school has their own unique smell, grumbling of feet or thuds of matts, they lack of positive "divine" energy of a female led and centered studio. Created and supported by self proclaimed feminists.

Every time I go there, I spend my time moving my body in a way that I WANT, and get ENCOURAGED to do so. The critiques come from a place of love, for the students to go further than they themselves can imagine and to push themselves out of their comfort zones. Positive affirmations regarding attire is made in sincerity and interest (finding high waisted thick pants that don't move and decrease rope burn! GIRL WHERE!) The women of the group weren't afraid to share intimate and vulnerable details of their lives, to cry and vent. They also weren't afraid to show a competitive nature and BRO the fuck out. I love this place and want to share all the circus *gossip, cuss words, words of inspiration, movement and ideas with you.

Stuff this good just shouldn't be kept to yourself.


*Not really gossip, although it really depends on the day.