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Are you a business who creates items for circus artists? 

What about women? 

Are you looking for a fun new way to market to your audience?



We have various ways for you to advertise with us starting at just $20 a month! With hundreds of subscribers and a large and ever growing audience, Cirque Du Twerk is a fun platform that's not afraid to get weird. Here are some ways you can integrate your business with us.


Ad Space

Become a fan favourite! Our "Top Four" is right smack on the front page. It's a fun and artsy way to introduce your product to our amazing readers.These four locations are just $20 a month per block and are on our most popular page, The Home Page.  

Traditional Banners are also available. If you've created banners or blocks, we can integrate your ad into various eye catching parts of the site.

Product Reviews

Do you know what our most viewed and shared portion of this site is? The product reviews. CDT is unique in not only our market audience but in how we try things out! We've worked with amazing brands this way and look forward to hearing from you. Send us an email and we can talk more <3


Do you have a show you want to let people know about? We can put it on our calendar! If you'd like to beef it up, invite us and we'll write a review for our readers. 

Get Aways and Retreats

Are you hosting an aerial or circus getaway/ retreat? Do you think, "if only people knew what it was like to just experience this magic firsthand". Do you wish there was someone savvy in social media with a platform to reach a new audience but with enough circus skills to give an informed report to others? And do you wish that person wasn't yourself because you've done enough work getting the event set up? Let's talk. 


Please email all business inquiries to 

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