Aerial Bag Essentials

Whether you're just starting aerial and want to know what could step your open gym game up or you've been doing aerial for years and want to add some JAZZ HANDS to your current bag. Here is a list of items to add whimsy for the understated rosin smelling duffle.



First things first, we need a place to put said supplies. I chose three different kinds of bags I see most at gyms and then threw in some basic designs and some Extra AF designs. Because #choices.


Anthro golden duffle /// Bando Pink Pizza /// Waxed Canvas Tote /// Herschel Backpack ///



Whether you’re writing workshop notes or doodling butts instead of working on beats, ya need a good notebook. Here are some fun, handmade and lux choices I found that inspire me to be more creative. (But you can ALWAYS go to any craft store and get any notebook!)

Mental Health Tip:

*I personally stay away from lined notebooks because I find myself feeling prompted to write lists. Whether it be a warm up, sequence for a show or general notes for myself I hate it when I look down on a paper and I’ve written a “must do” list. Instead, when I write on graph, or blank paper I can add doodles or just allow myself to daydream more. Writing isn’t a chore and it helps remind me that aerial shouldn’t be a chore either.


Purple Suede Journal /// Burgundy Leather Journal



I know some amazing fucking artists who don't use rosin. I am not one of them. So bag it up. 

Pro Tip:

After a really dumb scenario where I was running in-between gigs and ruined a wig, I now keep my rosin (spray and rock) in a separate bag. That way I don’t find myself in anymore sticky situations. (Eh?! EH?!) I use the waterproof line of Logan and Lenora to keep my rosin separate and I love these bags for easy cleanup.  


Spray /// Rock /// Chalk ///




Can I just say how advanced bluetooth headphones have gotten in the past 3 years? I remember when I started aerial there was no way for me to listen to my own song without a stupid cord getting stuck in my clothes or pulled out by the rope. The only other option was to play your song on the radio, loudly, which will then prompt EVERYONE to stop and look at you rehearse during open gym. So the fact that there are now wireless ear doodads that stay put while I spin and shimmy and drop is pretty rad.

These Fancy Schmancy Ipod ones are on my WANT list but because I’m more BAD than Bourgee they won’t be mine anytime soon. But I want them.

The other options are the earpods with a band, which I’ve seen some female friends fold into their hair to ensure they’re pinned down while doing aerials. I've tried a discounted pair from TJ Maxx, but they didn't work and I had to return them. So be warned when looking at the $15 check out bin. 


Apple AirPods $160 /// Rymemo Gold Headset $18 ///



First Aid Essentials

All studios have some form of first aid kit so I keep mine simple with bandaids, hair ties, neosporin packets and a travel tube of tylenol. 

Emergency Kit Etsy $7 ///



There will be a future post on this, because I have a lot to say on skin care and aerials. 


Skin Guards

This is for anyone who likes to train with back supporters and ankle guards. I haven’t purchased one yet, but it’s on my bucket list. I see the back supports used primarily by rope artists but that may be because I train with rope artist. I've seen these used as both muscle support and a second skin.

Lol, this is the only picture I could find...

Lol, this is the only picture I could find...

Elite Sports Band  $50 ///

Rigging Equipment

*Safety Tip*

When i first started, I would just throw everything in the same bag with all my pieces still intact. Now that I know better, I want to share how important it is to break down all hardware and individually wrap it for transportation. To preserve the integrity of your carabiners and swivels and unused figure 8’s wrap them individually in old t-shirts or extra cloths. This way the metals aren’t rubbing or clacking. I’m currently researching the various shopping methods for aerial equipments, so more on that later. 



There you have it! Let me know in the comment section if you use any of the products listed and which ones are your favourite. And remember, there are patches on the site which means you can turn any bag into a circus bag. So check those out here. :) 




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