How To Publish Your Event On Circus Calender

Image from Designlovefest

Image from Designlovefest

How the Calendar works

The Seattle circus community is really a sociological marvel. Based in a city known for introverts and cold shoulders, circus gyms throughout the city have created a cohesion of support that transcends both in person and online.

You’ll find the same grouping of around 200 or so people who attend the student shows, showcases, winter and fall performances and of course, workshops and classes. Everyone varies in not only ability, but aesthetic, and interpretation of the apparatus. Everyone seems to vary not only naming the apparatus, but in the tricks and sequences performed. Social media sites like Facebook established some cohesion with a page created solely to understand names throughout the globe.

In fact, the F-book has really become the new standard for any form of mass communication and serve as the GO TO for getting your show out there. While it reaches a large network, there are drawbacks to this platform…Facebook itself. We may experience the need to unplug from time to time. Sometimes the musing of a racist uncle during election season is just too much. So we unplug and then totally miss out on upcoming circus shows.


So why a Calendar…


This idea of a local calendar has been something I’ve wanted access to since I started aerial back in 2014. Once someone falls in love with cirque, you find all your disposable (and sometimes not so disposable) income to throw in support of local artists pursuing a dream that we too share. (And the visiting workshops and shows… how else will we know where Emiliano Ron is teaching at next!*)

Do we post only local shows?

So, if it isn’t apparent already, this site is created by an person residing in the Seattle area. It’s currently meant for shows, workshops and special events happening at studios within the Puget Sound, but this is merely because I’m not connected to any other location. (I mean, I’ve done acro once in New York but, who’s bragging**…) In the meantime, feel free to share some cool events you know, and eventually there will be a system for filtering through locations. (This requires a fancier site, but with sponsors it can absolutely be done!)


How do I get my event on the calendar?


Scroll down to the calendar and click the “INFO” box. It will take you to a created form and the info will simply be sent to myself. I will then update the calendar. I would recommend providing as much notice as possible, AND knowing it will take me at most 48 hours to post. If for whatever reason your event does not qualify I will inform you ASAP.


Wait. What wouldn’t qualify?


Simple. Non circus shows and workshops taught by VERY NEW STUDENTS. (I will post an Editor’s Commentary more on this at a later date.)


What if the information is wrong? How would I update it?


Two options: you can email me through the site or add the changes yourself the comment box below. Or both.

I know it will take a while to get running, but I really appreciate people checking this site out! I can’t explain just how much I appreciate being involved in this wonderful art form and look forward to seeing AS MANY SHOWS AS POSSIBLE.


-Dana Orion


*I need Emialiano to both, come back to Seattle for another workshop and for someone to make a Carmen San-Diego based theme on his life. That is all. <3

**Me. I’m bragging.

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