6 Ways to Have A Cirque Inspired Galentine's Day


I was writing a letter to my male circus coaches throughout the years and I thought.. Fuck. This shit is heavy. And in the midst of winter and a VERY needed summer vacation I’m changing it up. I wanted to write something a bit more positive and a little more upbeat.

This past Tuesday, I had breakfast with the amazing Sara Sparrow and I left feeling incredibly inspired. And supported. She talked about throwing a glitter party for her favorite circus loving folks at the end of February. Just a general “fuck it and let’s have some fun!” celebration. Here in the PNW, winter is high key forced depression and having something to celebrate is just down right necessary for our brain chemistry.

In the spirit of that, I want to let you know how important Galentine’s Day is to me and how you can incorporate Cirque into it. Because Cirque is Bae.

I mean. This is a Contemporary Circus Lifestyle Blog.

So read along, bookmark the site, send this to your galpals and update your VIP groupchat because you deserve Rose and laughter without dealing with fuckbois and societal pressures of monogamy.




Do a Group Class at your Local Studio

I mean, DUH. Learn some new stuff with your closest friends. How fun would that be! And if you split a workshop it’s actually REALLY affordable. Everyone can chose a skill you’d like to work on or get weird and learn something you NEVER thought you would! There’s trampoline, pogo stilts, giant ball walking and so much more. Can’t decide? Have everyone write an idea in a hat and then draw at random. Be spontaneous and split the cost.


Make Your Own Bad Ass Valentine’s Day Card

I recently started using Canva to create images for this site/instagram and I LOVE it! It’s so easy to use and they already have the most up to date templates and fonts. You can upload photos of your friend troupe training together and add a cute caption. You can also use your friends most like instagram photo of them sharing a skill and turn it into a non corny motivational poster. Pinterest and beer help in finding inspiration for your favorite font and color scheme which make this a good option for folks needing "down time" inspiration.


Throw a Stretching and Wine Party

You know what helps me stretch? A small glass of wine! It helps me get nice and lose and less bored while I hold stretches. To throw this shindig, get everyone together, push you furniture to the side and get to stretching! Need ideas? Use a program from Cirque Physio. I had a workshop with Jen and her knowledge was so focused on circus movements. I HIGH KEY recommend the CP programs. If you need something a bit more... free, check out youtube. I recommend this video. 


Make Your Own cirque inspired Tank Tops

Do you and your friends dream of being a group? Do you have a funny saying in class and want to make a shirt out of it? You can! You can hand screenprint your shirts by using a custom stamp and fabric paint called “block print” technique. I used the same technique when making the CDT rosin bags! I went to www.customstamps.net and put the Cirque Du Twerk logo on a 4 in X 4 inch stamp. I then bought this paint and one of these rollers and Voila! Shirt making time! Be sure to practice ink placement on paper a few times to get the amount of paint right, and then you’re good to roll.


Does making a shirt sound like a lot of work?

Well girl  you can just buy one! And ours are only $24.  Let your friends know you think they’re aerial badasses by buying them a comfy shirt that says so. The presale is going on now, but your friend will be busting a groove at the end of February when she gets her via mail.

And if you buy now as a gift, just email Dana@cirquedutwerk.com and I’ll let them know they’re getting a cute gift in the mail <3





And finally, something you and your buds can do together for galentine’s day is…


See a show!

Go support the artists that inspire you and patronize their art. Hell, buy a small bouquet or single rose and give it to them after the show or your don't just go alone but bring your whole crew. And then carpool.



tell us!

Are you interested in seeing a show? Check out our Event Calendar and feel free to add yours, no matter your location in the world <3 Just scroll to the bottom of the calendar page and fill in the form.

 How are you celebrating valentine’s day? Do you also celebrate Galentine’s Day? And have you ever done anything circus-y to celebrate it? Let me know what you plan on doing in the comments below

AND PLEASE if you do ANY of the above items, TAG ME @cirquedutwerk . I want to see you trying new things! (especially if it’s a pogo stilt class! lol).




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