Circus Reviewed: The Atomic Bombshells J'Adore

Hey you,

Valentine’s Day can suck but it sucks less if you go to awesome shows.


Like this one.

And it’s super awesome because it involves Cirque and BUTT CHEEKS.


I had the lovely opportunity this past weekend to attend the special, 10th Anniversary showing of J’Adore with the Atomic Bombshells. The producers of this show, Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover are actual GIFTS and if you live in the Seattle area and haven’t seen their shows… GO.

Not kidding. Go now. Put aside $50 dollars for a $30 ticket and parking and a beer and GO.

Just incase my demanding isn’t enough, here are some gems from this past Friday night’s experience.


Reason 1


There were 10 feet tall fasteners, rich velvets, shiny tinsel thongs and nippley jumpsuits just in the first two acts. Everything was custom to the performer and you can see the amount of painstaking time and effort put into curating those LEWKS honey.

And the sparkle?

There were enough rhinestones to solve the debt crisis of 2008. I think I even saw a completely sparkled mirken. And not to mention all the sparkly pasties. My favorite costume involved a sparkly cactus g-string, obviously.

And the Cirque?

Cherdonna is a comedic powerhouse. And she does it while not relying on being traditionally pretty (which if she wanted to, she totally could because she’s gorgeous AF). BUT SHE DOESN’T. Which is ironic because this is a burlesque show. Instead, she dresses as a 1950’s housewife who is also a clown and is funny as fuck.


The only downside to this evening is that there was no aerial. Actually, come to think of it this is the first time I’ve gone to a ABS show and there wasn’t a form of aerial arts in the program. I low key kept waiting to see a lyra or silks drop during the show but unfortunately it never happened. Aerial arts works so well with burlesque, and all the aerialists they work with are really high caliber. And they’re a burlesque troupe that doesn’t rely on pole! In Seattle! Hopefully it’s a one time thing because they really do cirque right, in my opinion.

Not to say it wasn’t a well rounded show over all. MC Ernie Von Schmaltz, a Seattle area Drag King, was so engaged with the audience and was a true highlight. He didn’t rely on misogynist and sexual exploitative humor as a way to make fun of the fellow dancers, which can be the  norm at other burlesque shows. While hosting, he told a cohesive story tying all the acts together which was no small feat! (It’s a really wide range of acts.)

I love they included the dancing troupe The Purple Lemonade who shook the house down BOOTS. The lead dancer warmed my heart and was covered in head to toe ELEGANZA. There were moments where I felt they relied on the sensuality of the "pretty cis female lead" but then my baby hairs were SNATCHED by not only the fellow lead but with the complimentary female B Boy style dancers in the group. I just the love a good ole fashion "fuck your gender norms" dance group. 


So yeah. Duh. Go see this show! Below is a link to The Triple Doors website where you can purchase tickets. And you should follow all the various artists online. I personally love Jamie Von Stratton’s instagram because she is a costume GODDESS with crazy sewing skillz.


Seattle buds, let me know what you thought of the show! And Non Seattle folks, what are your plans for this week? Are you planning on going to any shows or do anything special? Let me know in the comments or on my instagram @cirquedutwerk.