Introducing "Behind The Curtain" - Interviews with our favourite Circus Artists

Most of the folks who I find inspiring are professional performers. They pay their bills and have the option to stretch and work on handstands at 2pm on a Tuesday. They're jobs include wearing glamorous costumes and Kiki-ing with the girls in the back drinking champs. And you can find them hosting workshops or performing at festivals in some of the most beautiful places in the world. 


When I see them on social media I feel equal parts envy and motivated. I stare at the pictures, double tapping, and wonder "how the hell do you get there? How does anyone get to do this for a LIVING?" 

And yet, this question is anything but simple. Yeah, I could use some blanket response of "hard work and tears and sacrifice" but it's not my story to tell. It's a story that I myself want to read. 

I feel like I live in a world that heightens and objectifies performers to the core. A testament to this theory is the recent movie "The Greatest Showman" that, what, the only risk and the only story worth exploring is that of a cis white male producer? Of a business man? No! Not for me anyway. I want to know the complexities of the person creating the performance. I want to know about their life off stage and more about the kind of life bringing them to the stage. That's what I want to read. 

And that's what I want to share, with you and with the performers who's conversations keep me to the edge of my seat. 

CDT is creating a new series, "Behind the Curtain" where I interview amazing performers and write it up, old school style. And because it's not MY life, I've set some practices in place to ensure the intervees have control, direction and artistic input. 

  • The interview is held in a public place, and I use an audio recorder app for transcribing purposes only.
  • During the set up process, I ask the interviewee if there is anything in particular they'd like to talk about or have any shows they'd like to address.
  • I write down a few questions beforehand, but rely on the natural ebb and flow of the conversation for material.
  •  I give myself a month to transcribe because a 40 minute conversation is around 8 pages (single spaced) of typing. I edit, put the convo on a private Google doc for collaborating. 
  • I ask for links and pics they would like on the write up and voila! A fun time with your faves.  
  • I also pay for food and drinks. I'm not at a place yet where I can afford to pay for the interviews, but once CDT has advertising and sponsors, I have NO doubt I can in the future. 

There you have it! I have 3 interviews done and two lined up. Who do you want to be interviewed? And it's not exclusive to cis women! <3 Give me your recommendations. 






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