10 Things I Love About Me

Hi beautiful people! I've missed you!

Here’s a tid bit about myself- I go to therapy. Once a week. I didn’t use to like therapy- actually I hated it. As a social worker, I would tell my clients the benefits of finding a safe space with a skilled provider who could recommend objective insight and tools- and yet I didn’t go after that myself. In fact- in 2016 when I started opiate replacement therapy it was actually required of my program to go to chemical dependency counseling. And I would…. Once every 6 months or so with different counselors and then I would "No Show" as soon as stuff got heavy. I went through 4 therapists before finding the right fit, and what a difference it’s made.*

(I actually almost walked out of her office the first day because I knew I felt comfortable enough to open up. It’s the same feeling if you start really liking someone- and you freak out and want to stop texting them for 4 days.. Very that).

Finding someone you’re comfortable being completely vulnerable and open with can be really scary and if you don’t have (good) insurance, the idea of paying someone sounds downright stupid but.. I couldn’t recommend anything more. And yes- this is an article for circus artists. And yeah, I guess I’m writing interpersonal articles right now- but I think the beauty of circus is it’s both art and athleticism and artists hone their emotions, spirituality and self to connect with the audience. (Right now you’re both my peers and my audience. Kinda meta.)

In therapy I’ve been having to go in on why I don’t like myself.

Why I don’t think I’m a good enough artists. Why I deep down don’t give it my all because going after what I love before wasn’t allowed. And my brain won’t get past that hump. In fact it counters with “well, you wouldn’t be able to do it anyways.”

I’m trying really hard to counter that right now.

So my assignment from my therapists was to write an ENTIRE PAGE of traits that I like about myself. And instead of working on it myself, I honestly keep thinking of YOU- the readers. The people who messaged me the past 2 articles and say how you too feel like you’re not enough. And I think this is something I really want to do with a group.


Get a pen and come back. We're gunna answer all these questions together and.. if you want.. share it on social media using the hashtag #cirquedutwerk. 





Whats a move you thought you could never do but now you can?


What’s the strongest sequence you’ve ever done?

What was your favorite show you were part of?

What was your favorite mistake?

What did you learn from that mistake?

Whats your favorite costume you put together?

What’s your favorite song YOU chose for a piece?

What did you feel after your first circus class?

What’s your favorite personality trait about yourself?

What’s your favorite physical trait about yourself?

How would you describe your art in 3 words?

Look at a photo of when you first started training..

Now look at a photo of you now...

What sticks out that you feel proud of?

What’s your favorite lesson you’ve learned in circus that you wouldn’t necessarily learn otherwise?


Feel free to let me know these answers or keep them to yourself. I’ll post my finished page of compliments here when it’s done.  


Art by Angela Larson

Art by Angela Larson