Artist: Culuc

Artist: Culuc

You may be wondering why I’m writing about women’s health on what could be seen as a “circus website”...

Well, I’ll have you know this is not a blog to list workouts, create meal plans and simply charge you a large amount of money to be told what to do. It’s not here to make you healthier, or even institute change. It’s to share the benefits of exploring physical movements, leaving the ego at the door and accepting people where they’re at.

The current standard on women’s fitness in based on trying to change ourselves. We thrive on exterior results and then are surprised by a lack of happiness within our souls. Even places we seek inspiration like blogs, youtube channels and women owned activewear; their websites are plaquated in an archaic viewpoint for what “fitness” is. We will never love the gym if it doesn’t inspire us. Our entire lives, we’re told we’re not as strong as men. That we are secondary in all forms of human physicality in a dichotomous set up. Biologically we are not men, so why are we forced to work out like them?

With a personal centered approach, mixed with a bit of humor and system-ology, hopefully you can come here and just exhale. After all, exercise is just another way we can love our bodies. Where we can MOVE them and have ownership of them. We can be inspired by them in all forms and functions.

Some of the topics I’m interested in writing about here include:

  • Working through Jealousy (multiple topics- it’s okay to be jealous, how to be inspired by jealousy, how to use it to fuel your own fire, why it’s shown as catty)

  • Talking about Health and NEVER MENTIONING WEIGHT

  • How to advocate for your own healthcare

  • Movement Inspiration: Beyond Dance

  • Women and Crossfit: the positive and negative implications we’ve seen these 4 years

  • Women in Weight Rooms: Why are we intimidated by them? And how do those buff girls feel so comfortable there?

  • Conflict Perspectives:  Where we debunk some fitness trend we hate.

  • Highlighting Women who are doing it right! Interview with someone in the Health industry making changes (fitness, healthcare, nutrition, education, academia etc.)

  • Female Perspective: When people write in about their own personal experiences with their fitness journey and share personal insight.

  • NOISES MY BODY MAKES: funny things our bodies do during exercise and why

  • Female Body Building and IFBB: Pros and Cons (with a possible ethnography)

  • New in Gear: Items that actually make mobility possible


And so on…

So here are a few ideas I have for this little corner in the world. As always (and will be) if you have an idea for a post, please feel free to share. You can write it as a comment or send me an email! 

Thanks for reading! 

Dana Orion