Conflict Perspective 1: Debunking Trends

10 ways to increase your libido.

How to get rid of that tummy.

How to start your own business, but not know how to eat right. 


These are just some of the topics created by mainstream media that tell me, a female consumer, to be healthy. And I'm here to say I'm fucking tired of it. 

Photo by DesignLoveFest

Photo by DesignLoveFest


I'm a bit confused as to how millennial women created companies that still endorse the viewpoint of women not actually knowing what they’re doing with their bodies? Why women are prayed upon by companies who capitalize on insecurities- all the while feeding us the horse shit YOU GO GIRL tag line.


I'm going to be direct in my approach, and state one of the biggest companies I feel is doing this is GOOP. I mean... I get it. When we are searching for the inspiration for change, we seek out companies that are aesthetically appealing, state the facts we hear from other sources (a faux reliability) and are readily accessible. But at what point do we take a step back and critically assess what they’re selling us? I mean, GOOP’s marketing is essentially just using ridiculous keywords such as “rose crystal vagina fitbit” or “lemon charcoal detox” for well above market value and we’re eating that organic shit up.

I’m currently waiting to buy a unicorn horn pipe you smoke sage out of and turns you into a mermaid before spending any of these coins. Or the new take on a yoga class created to induce the power of kegels, but I can’t take it until I get the perfect harem yoga pants for $287 with just the right pelvic tilt. Because, if there’s anything that speaks to my own competitive nature, it blasting bitches with the uber power of a punani fart.


Slouchy $200 Track Pants for Optimum Pussy Power (Photo Courtesy of GOOP)

Slouchy $200 Track Pants for Optimum Pussy Power (Photo Courtesy of GOOP)


All to say, hey, if that’s your idea of self care then I support you girl. A full one- hunned -percent. I mean, I personally don’t think there’s anything better than a good “lady rip” when working on C-shapes in aerial class, (Get it… C shapes?) but am I then going to charge you $200 for a tracking device with an app feature? No. Because that device should easily be $60 and GOOP needs to chill the eff out. Until then, I’ll stick to my moderate level of basic bitch fitness with chocolate covered hemp hearts and red wine stretching.

Yoni Fit Bit- GOOP

Yoni Fit Bit- GOOP

*Please comment below with any websites that sell or offer any “fitness” advice that you’d like to hear a rant about in a future post.**

*Also... I love kegels. More Kegels. 

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