Bourgie Breast Cancer Basket

Image from DesignLoveFest

Image from DesignLoveFest

Wait. Is that spelled right? There isn’t an R in ‘bougie’.
— You

March has been an interesting month. I've had extreme moments of inspiration and self confidence. I've booked some gigs and made some pretty dope contacts. I've felt like a Boss Bitch in the whole "chase your dreams" department. I feel at home in Tacoma with my amazingly supportive "Good Vibe Tribe" and the sun is occasionally shining. And then, just when I was feeling stable, the universe noticed that it was going just a bit too good. 

I got a call from my Mom, who lives in Texas, two days before my birthday. She told me to keep an eye on the mail for a stash of cash b-day card and to inquire my plans for a 28 years old celebration. I was in the work break room. Through the mumble of polite chit chat, she sighed heavily and said "well D, I think I got something to tell you. I know my Mother didn't tell me this when it was happening to her, and I just fucking hated that feeling. I need to tell you something and you should probably go outside". After I stepped out to the back office stoop and removed roughly 7 cigarette buds from the ground, my Mom informed me that they found a lump in her breast. She didn't know any other details and informed me of all the testing she's about to go through but she wanted to tell me. She told me she was scared. and then apologized for telling me and that it's not fair for me to worry. We ended the conversation with me reassuring her that she's awesome, for her not to worry too much and that I'm here for her.. totally not worrying.

Needless to say I began to worry. Hell, I'm still worrying. It's now a month later and she's more informed of the situation, but she's not yet diagnosed. She lives outside of Houston, Texas with my extremely supportive aunt and luckily has amazing insurance through the V.A. When I asked how she's doing, she says she's scared and I am too. And because I have this site, I wanted to write about it. Oddly enough, I wanted to make something for her. For some reason I wanted to curate an amazing "you have breast cancer and that sucks" gift basket. 


Because I work in the medical field and have a mother and grandmother with history of breast cancer under 65, I wanted to take this news and make something thoughtful with it. I decided to make a virtual version get- well soon basket, but with an unlimited budget, more of a "Bourgie Breast-Cancer Basket". This is what I would make if money was NO option, or what I call the BEST of the BREAST. 

*Products are listed in order of appearance.

OY-L Face Mask

CBD has long been associated with healing powers. Mix the combination of a well reviewed product, woman run business and Zero chemicals for me to be all in. I'd love to give this as an option for my mom to "treat herself". To pamper her skin after her drive to the Austin, TX Veteran's hospital a whole 60 miles away. Beaucratic buildings just suck less when your skin smells like lavender and rose. 

Find OY-L products here


Other Wild Boobie T-shirt

Other wild is just fucking fantastic. This shirt is fucking fantastic. My Mom  would rock this shirt so hard outside her moo-moo, the folks at H-E-B would be buggin' with envy. 

Buy the shirt here


Sun Basket

Put simply, eating organic is stinking easy when you eliminate driving to the store, meal planning and reading all the dang labels. I pillaged a lot of the other sites, and Sun Basket won out for having the lowest cost, flexible options and most importantly, southern woman friendly food. Their menu also has the option for snacks and smoothies to balance out a Sunday night fried chicken fest. 

Click here for Sun Basket's menu. 


Devon in Space

Devon in Space hails a whimsical studio from the great gritty city of Tacoma. Her ceramic work marries both the delicate female form and the punchiness and wit you'd want in a best friend. I absolutely love the simplicity of these breast coffee mugs, her Andy Warhol-esk pipes and my favorite, cunt coffee mugs. All anatomically correct. All woman made. Some with gold accents. It just makes sense the booby mug makes it in the basket. 

Get you life here. 


To Whom It May Chocolates

Small brand THC and CBD fine chocolates. Their site says "Everything is hand-crafted – including our THC-infused organic coconut oil, and the nut butters inside our truffles – in a dedicated (non-shared) facility without heavy machinery, and made without any hidden ingredients. Our ingredients are always premium in quality, and organic when possible." (Site 04:2017). Because weed brownies are so 1977, and these are fancy AF. 

Explore their beautiful site


Gratitude Collaborative Flowers- Gifts

Gratitude Collaborative allows users to choose from an assortment of pre- arranged adorable gift baskets. Not only are they modern, but putting them on this list is completely meta. A gift basket inside a gift basket? Perhaps with a gift card for a flower arrangement? Sign me up. 

Gratitude Collab's website


Thrive Market

Thrive Market is like a Costco for healthy items. It's all online and goes straight to your door. (I wish the website had more visibility for their items and pricing without getting the membership first.) I would get Mom a gift card with the membership that way she can stock up on Yogi teas, dried coconut snacks, and shea butter lotion.

Thrive Market's Website


Apple Watch

And finally, because there is no budget, I'd get my Mom a bad ass Apple watch. That way she could use it for keeping her appointments together with reminders, monitor her heart rate to check for stress and text my aunt any pertinent info after her doctor appointments. I'd be sure to get her the rose gold option, because she's fancy. 

Apple watch: Series 1

Making a make believe basket is a bit odd, I know, but because I live in Tacoma, WA I want to do anything and everything I can for her and sometimes that leads to online make believe. I'm not writing this in hopes of people buying the stuff for me. I wrote it because if any one else felt helpless, and just wanted to do something when you felt you couldn't, well you're not alone. Your Mom being sick just sucks, yo.