Circus on Your Period: Another Monthly Visit

And just like that... it's been 27 days. Do you remember the movie 28 Day later? And how it was a horror movie with a crap ton of gore? 

Too real sometimes. Am I right?


So, it's another month and time for another Circus on Your Period review. The product in today’s mention is (duh duh duh) Thinx Panties. Thinx panties are under garments made for the purpose of bleeding into them. Quite like the dirty period panties covered in stains hidden in the bottom drawer of despair, but with the exception that these are MADE for free bleeding. The concept for Thinx is that a reusable, washable pad is built right into the crotch. I bought them for the purpose of two aerial work outs and then, as life had it, I wore them for an impromptu acro jam and not just any acro jam.. But one with a dude I was tryin to throw this puss at. SO THEY NEEDED TO BE LEGIT! I mean.. HAVE YOU SEE SOME ACRO MOVES? Spread eagel puss RIGHT IN THE FACE.

Anyways, back to the panties.Some would wonder, how do you acquire these special briefs? Just like most new-age materials made to make womyn’s lives easier you buy them online. I went to the company site to just peruse reviews, see the panty styles and color options. There were actually a lot of different choices for sizing and for styles, but only two color choices; beige and black. (They do get brownie points for using beige instead of "nude" though.)

Statue by C. Fuererman "These Cramps got me like..."

Statue by C. Fuererman "These Cramps got me like..."

After reviewing the options, I was stuck between the thong (ha!) and the sport panties. I decided to go with the sport because it seemed it would be more comfortable. Because I thought they were going to feel like a pad, I thought that the thong would be uncomfortable because of thickness. And the notion of having more stuff jammed near my lady bits during the day just seemed to be too much. I wanted a casual period panty. Like Sporty Spice of My Labia.

Image Via Thinx

Image Via Thinx


After choosing the style, I looked at the sizes and guess what.. THEY ORGANIZE SIZES BY ACTUAL, TANGIBLE MEASUREMENTS. So… without any guess work I measured my hip size and found 36.5 inches and rounded up. My beautiful Mother actually purchased the panty for me and it was shipped to my door within 4 business days. Not bad folks.

When the package arrived, I tried them on and was really surprised as to how they felt. I thought there would be a bulky crotch and it wasn’t. I also thought there wouldn’t be any coverage when I sat down and NOPE. Fully built in coverage. The panties themselves were silky and comfy. So I put on my tight aerial leggings with a leotard and went on my way to go climb a white rope.

I gotta say that the panties were EXTREMELY comfortable! When I would do beats, or stretch, straddle or climb they didn’t slide all over the place. It really doesn’t feel like a pad in that you feel it could slip or slide, but there is some padding down there. I have a very light period and didn’t bleed through to my leotard. I would say that the only downside to the briefs is that the panty lines are really pronounced, so I would want to either buy the thong or the no-line one next.

One of the days I was wearing them, I was actually invited by someone special to do some acro. Was I worried about spillage? No. Was i worried about smell? YUS. I didn’t need a Game of Throne reference while in a lotus position and a dude telling me my crotch is the Iron Throne. I don’t need that extra-ness in my life.

Image Via Thinx

Image Via Thinx


And luckily, I didn’t have it, because I started with a fresh pair of undies. Not even an hour old. So I recommend doing that. I would also recommend having more than one pair. Yes, at $30 a pair that could be expensive BUT I have this quick code to give you to save 10% and they also offer discounts when you buy sets of 3 or more so, it would definitely be worth looking into.


Final Thoughts

So would I wear them again for my period? Yes. Would I recommend them to folks. HELL YUS. So far, do they beat out the menstrual cup? Even more yesses! Because it was external protection, any time I did any kegel like exercises, I couldn’t feel any plastic. That made C-shapes, pikes, windmills etc. so much more comfortable. My future plan is to try different pairs! I’m honestly very interested in doing aerial in just the underwear so I’m looking at the high waisted briefs. I’d also LOVE to try out the leotard! (Hopefully, Thinx is reading this and is feeling inspired to send a girl a package!)


Thinx is really coming out with some new products that could help women do the exercises they WANT to on their period. Outside of circus, I like to go long distance running, and I saw that there are shorts with the panties built in. I’d also like to try them while rock climbing or have the thongs in my First Aid kit when I go backpacking. It’s a cool time to be a woman with a period, you guys. You can take days off or not.

Goodbye Stained Panties!!   (Artist Unknown, but Appreciated)

Goodbye Stained Panties!!  (Artist Unknown, but Appreciated)


Are there any activities you’d like to try the Thinx panties with? And are there any specific aerial moves you’d like me to try while wearing them? Let me know.

Also, if you'd like to save 10%, here is my referral code! 


And in case you'd like another opinion, here's a review video from It's Just Kelli*.