This past wednesday I had a new IUD implanted...

My previous one, Mirena, was with me since March of 2012 and unfortunately it was time she be replaced. In my writings for Circus on Your Period, my IUd comes up a lot because it does play an important part in my circus life. I sometimes miss periods, I have less cramping and less bloating. My periods are irregular which means my panties can either resemble a scene from SAW or be nonexistent for months. My body, all of it’s parts, work together when I create aerial. My health is so much more than strength and that’s why I bring up my vaginal health so often when discussing circus arts. 

Yesterday I posted on social media that I had my IUD changed and I was kind of shocked by the amount of questions I got. I loved the conversations is inspired. So today, here are snippets of what went down in my DM’s and just some information I would have liked when I got an IUD and started inverting my ass in the air.

Artwork by  Tess Griffin   <3

Artwork by Tess Griffin  <3


Does it hurt when you get it implanted?

FUCK YES. I’m not even going to down play this one bit. It’s one of the worst painful experiences of my life. There are some ways for it to suck less though. Make sure you see a doctor/ ARNP who knows what your uterus and cervix looks like already. They have to measure you first before implanting the IUD, and it helps if they’re familiar with the natural curve of your uterus. (Yes, our uterus are snowflakes and they're all unique!) Also, take IBuprofen or whatever pain killer you can take before hand. When I couldn't use anymore IBuprofen, I applied a CBD- THC warming lotion. IT FELT LIKE HEAVEN.

And if possible, a day off of work.

Do you have a period when you get it done?

No. But you do spot. I’m so glad I took my thinx panties with me!


Do you have the Mirena or the Copper?

I chose the Mirena. Honestly, when I got the first one done back in 2012, I was a poor grad student and the Austin Planned Parenthood was giving them out. I didn’t have a choice between the two but I loved my Mirena so I got it again.


Wait. You had yours for 6 years? I thought it only lasted 4?

Yeah. The FDA was running a trial when I got it implanted in 2012 and every year they kept adding a year to its effectiveness. When I had it originally implanted they told me 3 years, but every year, I kept getting more and more time with it. The reason I went ahead and had it changed was because I could feel it’s effectiveness wear off. I started having period cramping, I felt it shift once during intercourse and I started having heavier and heavier periods. It felt like it was time so I wasn't going to wait for mid March before being told "ya got another year, sis!".


Do you ever feel it during aerial?

So there’s no kidding that your lower abdominals are engaged and active during aerial. There are some moves that are just INTENSE in your lower ab region, like roll ups, windmills, C shapes and inversions. I can honestly say that even in the most intense C shape (with an Alex Allen rope class) I never felt my IUD. 

Although I may not feel it during aerial,  it still affects my aerial practice. I don’t have regular periods which in turn, affects my training. On a heavy month, I find I train far less but those happen maybe every 4 months. And in the meantime I don't have a period so I train more than most would be able to. Let’s face it, I get tired and depressed hauling my ass up a rope even without bloating. And mood swings. And sometimes misplaced jealousy. (I blame it on the hor -hor- hor- hor- hor- hor- hor- hor- mones.)


Now that you have an IUD, how long do you wait before you can start training again?

My ARNP told me the IUD takes about  a week to get nice and settled and it’s important you invite that bitch to stay. I add that you have to tell your body to relax and be inviting! If you're tense and paranoid about it, your body will not accept it and it can either not attach to your uterine wall or move around when it shouldn’t. Honestly, I had planned to go to work right after the insertion, and my body called me a dumb bitch and made me take a nap. That night I laid in bed with a heating pad and was asleep by 730pm. So take your rest time. If by day 4 , you’re still cramping like whoa, call your doctor. When I asked when I can start inverting, my provider said when I feel comfortable. I’m at day 2 and that’s not really an option yet!


I’ll keep ya updated on my Insta stories and I’ll take you along with me when I go to my first training session <3


Happy Inverting.