Circus Seeping into Society: Volume 4

Mid November in the PNW can sometimes be a death sentence for joy. There’s a guarantee that no residue of summer will exist or peep thru on occasion. The skies that, in the morning time, use to break open in an explosion of sherbert ooze flowing through clouds and hiding behinds mountains have all bled and burned together into a wet grey goop, blanketing views and landscapes we took for granted in August.


It’s damp, dark and cold.


It’s at 330 in the afternoon, stuck in dark transit when I thirst for colors, light and whimsy. I spend more time on my computer searching for something that will make me feel that same inspiration I feel in the summertime, doing handstands on the side of mountains. It’s not an easy task to do, but I found some light in the work of our featured artist.



For this month's portion of Circus Seeping into Society here is the work of Michela Picchi.





I hope you were inspired.