Circus Seeping Into Society


Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm a bit too obsessed with circus. Not with what it is, but what it can be, because I see it everywhere. Translated in bright bold colors, flowing through silk chiffon skirts, bustling in ruffles and polka dots. Sparkling in eye shadows and flickering glitters. For me, I guess I categorize circus as visible whimsy. A way to enact a haiku, a way to scream without opening your mouth. Visible, extreme poetry. Always an underlining sexiness present. Always using body. Always expressive.

To share it's expressiveness, once a week I'll post an artist full of circus whimsy. Whether it be a dance video, a song clip, paintings, pictures, sculptures... anything. Anything that is not overtly circus themed and to draw inspiration from it. I'll then close it with some thoughts on how I draw inspiration from it. A way to day dream of art with infinite resources and time.


So without further a due, here is this week's installment of Circus Seeping with artist ILKA MÉSZELY.

The bright colors, loud prints and abstract shapes mixed with soft pastels and simple lines just does it for me. I'm daydreaming of 'orange shag rug coat lady' walking a tight rope in an off brand Spanish circus troupe while "red puffy coat' and 'squiggle pink neck' are below her in a unicycle hand to hand act. The narrator or ''beige bubble neck" doesn't have a mouth, so he has to use his hands to dramatically signal (probably with giant disco ball poi) for the next act to come on stage. The bottom row ladies perform a trio corde act entitled "Rope Du Coat" where the real magic lies in their ability to do hip key roll-ups and not lose any of their accessories. All of this magic is in a soft pink canvas tent, small bulb lights strung throughout the top and the audience sits in lux teal velvet chairs.


I implore you to day dream more. To peep at ILKA MÉSZELY's Instagram and Etsy account. And to come back next week for another circus themed escape.