Circus Make Up/Out

Make up so good, you totes wanna make out with it.  

No tea no shade, but there are some themes in circus modern performers rely on which could or should have been buried back in the 1890's. These include: sepia tones, black and white stripes, red tulle, marching band jackets, clown white faces, over drawn mouths outlined in black, leotards with bustling and red and white stripes. It's the 'go to" for new performers or performers who want to over exude the circus theme. Girl, you're walking on stilts or climbing silks, you're DOING circus. So stop dressing so damn basic! 


No shade to these performers or photographers. But, do you see what I mean about over saturating every moment with something of a cliche? My eyes or brain doesn't get a break to really sit with what they're doing. Instead, it sets the stage for what's about to happen and everything of their performance becomes "fill in the blank". 

It breaks my heart when I see an advanced aerial performer have modern music, create a beautiful piece celebrating new and imaginative choreography and then I look at their outfit and the bitch looks like they stepped out of a Spirit Halloween store wearing the Legs Avenue "clown" costume. I yell in my head during the performance "HOW ARE YOU DOING A DOUBLE BACK SALTO INTO A HELLA CARRY DRESSED LIKE AN OFF BRAND MERMAID! HOW DO YOU THINK SYLVAN ESSO FEELS WITH YOU PERFORMING TO THIS SONG AND FORGETTING A MAJOR COMPONENT OF YOUR PERFORMANCE ART!"

We need to "jazz" this shit up ya'll. I've found some make up looks that are both circus looking AND modern. For the first installment of this ongoing segment, I've decided to curate looks that are what I call, "Intro to Circus". There will be themes associated with each look which touch on an outdated homage, but with a new twist.  


Aldona Karczmarczyk face.jpg
Come through Contemporary Camp! Werk It Mama Drama! I see you Lip Schtik!” 
— A Beat Face


All images are sources from Pinterest. Click the link below to be directed to the page to find more information on each artists.