Circus Seeping Into Society: Deux



Have you ever wished there was more “stuff” for circus? I mean like art, jewlery, funnier t-shirts, coffee mugs. We work so hard and spend so much time on it, I find it odd that I don’t own a #circuseverydamnday mug.



It’s in these moments that one must improvise.



Quick snippet about me is that I fucking love rope. Cuerda, Corde, Ropeity Rope Rope. It's my jam and always has been. So it kinda struck me as odd that I don’t own anything to show the world my absolute love for rope. You know, whether that be a key chain or shirt or something… I want to own my identity as a rope artist and portray it to the world of non-circus folks. So I started looking at jewelry. And I was kinda blown away.



I present, a curated collection of necklaces for rope artists and lovers.



AkA Una bonita cuerda, para tu cuello.






Perhaps this will inspire someone to make circus inspired jewelry.

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