Cirque Du Twerk now has MERCH!!

Twerk Merch!! Cirque Merch!!!



Oh my goodness I am both so excited and so freaking nervous to announce this. Mostly excited but also nervous, because could hate it but that’s NOT IMPORTANT…. What is important is me telling you why I “made” what I “made”.


  1. There’s not enough contemporary circus gear out there


lol, that’s it.


I feel like for literally every activity there’s a million different items or swag but for circus? Nah. And at first I was quite frustrated with this, but then I realized circus is weird and not like every other activity. We’re not only ungendered but we’re newish, mostly liberal and not mainstreamed. That means the circus community gets to set the narrative for what we create. It hasn’t been incorporated. It hasn’t been monetized. And there’s no big box store for circus. And I love that.


Because that way circus lovers don’t get homogenize, basic, capitalized garbage made by countries that don’t pay a living wage to their employees. That way I can be in business with a woman or man I know personally. And that vision is what I’m following to create a line of merchandise that says “Fuck You” to any basic narrative where girls are suppose to be just pretty and boys do all the cool and hard tricks. A narrative that women are the performers but men are the teachers. A narrative that states any artists, male or female, doesn’t deserve to make a descent living.


So with all of that I’d like to introduce the first item produced by Cirque Du Twerk..

Poster of Fruits and Veggie Evacuation By Watermelon Hot Air Balloon NOT Included. 

Poster of Fruits and Veggie Evacuation By Watermelon Hot Air Balloon NOT Included. 


Here is our PATCH!!! Rope. Girl. Gang.


Why this saying?

Cirque Du Twerk is both feminists and Circus. And while circus is less gendered than other sports, it’s still fucking gendered. And one of the most gendered apparatus is the rope, or cordelisse. Rope is not only more painful (sometimes), but it lends itself to be more dynamic, to have more open drops and open moves than say, silks. And for whatever reason, “harder” or “more athletic” tends to be seen as more male. Another way that it’s still gendered is this:


When was the last time you took a rope workshop by a traveling, and notorious female rope artists?

From my experience, I’ve seen that there are several Boy Clubs for not only doing bomb rope moves, but traveling the world to teach it. And I always see the room for students being majority women.

Women deserve representation in Rope.


And this is why I wanted to share my philosophy of a Rope Girl Gang. Because we’re out here cranking double pirouettes, performing off of cliffs in the Moab desert, creating art for some of the most notorious cirque troupes. We're also out here performing and practicing and semi comfortably doing back saltos, all on rope. 

Patch Description

The patches are $16 each and can either be ironed on or sewed on to your favorite shirt, gym bag, jacket and so much more. They measure 8 in x 1.3 in. Each one is hand embroidered by Olympia WA artists Linus Textiles, which means each one will differ slightly. (This is actually my favorite part!). This will be Linus Textiles and CDT's first launch of items, and we’re doing a pre-order first. So if you’re interested, put in the order now. Myself and Linus are working after hours to get this launched and we want anyone and everyone who is interested to get one. I created a limit for the preorder to give Linus and y'all the customers a timeline to work with.

Because these are literally handmade and hand shipped, it will be 2 weeks before the item is shipped to you. Again, this is the preorder and once we get stocked and ready to go, future orders will have a quicker turn around. 

SO click below to order!

I'm so excited to see what everyone does with theirs <3




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