Circus Make Up- Out 3

Winter is nearing its end and spring is just around the corner..


as in 2 months around the corner. But here at CDT we still want to celebrate In a way that doesn’t quite get our hopes up. Like, we’re not going balls to the wall. Yet.

So we’ll go ahead and celebrate color, and slightly longer days with some modernity and minimalism.  Like a streak or swoop of bright color. A pop of lilac under the eye. You know, a nod. We're over here feeling HELLA inspired by New York Fashion Week and indoor discos.

For anyone with an upcoming show, feel free get inspired. 


                                  Images Via the CDT Pinterest.




Just a little bit o Spring in there, at varying levels of skill level and gumption. Do you have any shows coming up? Are you interested in trying any of these looks?