Saving Up for Silks

With so many different companies these days: where is the BEST place to buy aerial silks? Well, it just so happens my ass is trying to buy some silks (GASP, I KNOW RIGHT? #ropefoevah) and I decided to documented my search for the most affordable light pink silk. 

Price per silk is important but here are some other factors to think about when purchasing silks:

  • Length- are you getting silk for a vertical performance or are you making a sling-hammock? How tall are the ceilings where you typically perform or train at? If you need help, ask your local gym what length they get for their gym equipment. 
  • For newbies: you're not just going to buy the fabric the same length as the ceiling height. You'll need to factor in at least 3 feet for rigging, and multiply the amount of fabric x2. 
  • Some sites list equipment that you can just rig yourself- like large screws or spansets to hang from trees- just know THAT IS DANGEROUS. 
  • I'm writing this for the folks who have Open Gym memberships and want to buy their own stuffs or for anyone who's been in the field a while and wants to see how the prices have changed. I am NOT writing this as a "how to rig at home without a rigging professional" manual.

Okay- now that my Ps and Qs are done, lets look at some prices eh?  For my shopping- I am looking for a light- ish pink or fun tan color and I need 12 yards to create a sling. I also need 1 carabiner, and 1 figure 8. (I don't like spinning so.. thats a helpful tool that I don't need). I decided to check our these four companies based on recommendations. Here's how each site faired. Also, FINAL Price is just for Fabric! 

Aerial Essentials 



COST- AE offers Price Per Yard or a full set. The 12 yard full set up is $219. The price per yard is $9 a yard. (Minimum length is 7 yards.) 

Shipping Cost- $15 for 4 to 5 day delivery. 

Color Choices- SOOO many color choices!! Yoyza! 

US Buyers- Yes they work with US buyers and ship items to your home. 

International Buyers: Yes, AE offers International shipping- It's expensive though. To ship 12 yards to the UK cost $100 in shipping alone. 

Returns: Based on their return policy: some items can be returned but custom orders can not. Fabric is considered custom so, no refunds.  

Rigging Options: AE also offers hardware. And other aerial..... essentials.

Final Price: $123.25 



Fabric Depot 



COST- $9.95 a yard JK- it went on sale the day I published this- 

$7.99 a yard. So my 12 yards is now $95.99

Shipping Cost- Free for US buyers if you spend more than $65! 

Color Choices- LIMITED. Ya got 4 choices girl. And they're purple- silver- creme and navy. 

US Buyers: Oui

International Buyers: Yes. But no free shipping. 

Returns:  Yep! They take returns. 

Rigging Options: Nope. Just the fabric. 

Final Price: $95.99 BUT it's not the color I want. This could be a good sale for studio owners who want extra fabric and they already have the hardware! 


Silks R Us

So, 4 years ago when I was a baby aerialist I bought emerald green silks from here! How the times have changed. (Not really..) 



Cost: $9 a yard or $108 for 12 yards. 

Shipping Cost: Free Shipping with Continental US

Color Choices: Really good. 28 options for Low Stretch. 14 for Med Stretch

US Buyers: Oui

International Buyers: Oui. But ya gotta pay for shipping. And again, it's expensive.

Returns: No Returns or Exchanges with fabric. 

Rigging Options: Nope. Just the silks. 

Final Price: $108 (they do not charge shipping or sales tax)



Getting Inverted

They offer died fabric options, silk hardware and silk by the yard. For this article, I chose to look at their standard 40 denier fabric BTY.

Cost: $12 a yard or $144. 

Shipping Cost: $17.65 for within US

Color Choices: Really good. 25 color options available. Also all the fabric is low stretch. 

US Buyers: Oui

International Buyers: Oui. Oui. And oui to expensive shipping charges.

Returns: "I gladly except returns, exchanges and cancellations under certain conditions!" There's the link for you to find out more info on this.

Rigging Options: Yes. GI offers various equipment like carabiners and spansets. They also sale eyebolts and Rig at Home kits. 

Final Price: $161.65 (Couldn't check if there were sales tax without my card being automatically charged by Etsy.) 



So what did I buy?

Here's the thing- Aerial Essentials actually has a sale on the bubble gum pink fabric for $6.50 a yard. I know that's not the standard price, but the universe was like.. "here ya go crazy lady, if you're going to do this ya might as well save some money." So I purchased 12 yards from AE and with shipping it came out to $93.95. The second most affordable option was Silks R Us for $108.  


I also purchased hardware from Amazon. It can be tricky because ya gotta know ratings and materials and sizes but I think if you know what you're looking for, specifically, well you're an adult. The company Aerial Essentials did the hardwork and list Aerial specific rigging equipment and I recommend that if you're unsure what you're looking for in a Figure 8 or Carabiner to buy from them. 

After all is said and done, I purchased 12 yards of Bubble Gum Pink fabric, 1 steel Carabiner, 1 Fig. 8, and 1 3 ft span set. I spent $135 so I'm not mad at. I also noticed a couple things going through companies: you save more money when you know more information. The market price for fabric alone was $9 Yard except for Getting Inverted at $12. Ya know I gotta say that I'm now a Die Hard Aerial Essentials fan. They market to beginners and professionals and they keep their prices at or below market rate. Even their "pre made" aerial kits- which I think are designed for newbies could easily be over charged are still at market rate. That's awesome. AND this post isn't sponsored. Ya better believe my tiny baby debit card was charged for that pink silk! 

I hope this information was helpful for customers and for aerial equipment companies! Where did you buy your silks? Is there a company I didn't mention on here  that you bought silks from? What should I price compare next? Rope- Trapeze- Let me know in the comment section below! And  thanks for reading along! 



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